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The GCS Advantage is our most proactive prep course as it was conceptualized a full year before Jonathan Zins, our instructor, took his Geriatric Clinical Specialist exam. Jonathan thoughtfully compiled the GCS Advantage while studying during his residency program and in the months after receiving his GCS exam results (he scored in the 97th percentile by using his study guide). The GCS Advantage is Jonathan’s roadmap to success, and we are confident it will help you pass your GCS exam.

Jonathan received his passing score in June 2023, making the GCS Advantage content the freshest on the market. We want to make the course available to you as soon as possible to aid in your study process from start to finish – even as we are putting the finishing touches on some of the material. We view the first year of the GCS Advantage as an ever-evolving course and look forward to adding more content frequently throughout the year.

The GCS Advantage is priced according to the content available. As new practice exam questions and study guides are added, the price will be adjusted – but all participants will be grandfathered in to the new material. So, enroll early for the best value!

At this time, the GCS Advantage consists of:

  • Four 50-question practice exams, including two exams that are primarily case-based. You can view sample GCS Advantage questions here.
  • 65 pages of evidence-based study guides addressing the effect of aging on:
    • Medications
    • The Mind (cognition, dementia, delirium, etc.)
    • The Cardiopulmonary System
    • The Muscular System
    • The Skeletal System
    • Incontinence
    • Ethics
  • A curated “Top 20 Reading List” with articles
  • A complete outline of recommended topics to study (for which new study guides will be added as they are developed)
  • Access to the Rehab Knowledge Advantage discussion forums giving you access to the course creator and other participants

The GCS Advantage qualifies for 12 contact hours of self-study continuing education. Contact us and we will supply the necessary materials to complete the individual CEU application in your state.

What questions do you have? Email us at gcsadvantage@rehabknowledge.com and we’ll respond within 48 hours.

The GCS Advantage is intended for use by the purchaser only. Sharing content is prohibited without permission from  site administrators. [Copyright 2024]
  • You will retain access to the GCS Advantage until March 31 of the year you take the GCS exam
  • The GCS Advantage is non-refundable