About Rehab Knowledge Advantage

NCS prep course, OCS prep courseHi – I’m Chrissy Durrough, PT, DPT, NCS.  I live in Nashville, TN and my dream job is to be a social media ambassador with my dog, Huckleberry.  My second-place dream job is the one I actually have.  I am a physical therapist at Vanderbilt Pi Beta Phi Rehabilitation Institute where I split my time between treating patients with a wide range of neurologic dysfunction and working in research, primarily with the Center for Intelligent Mechatronics as the lead physical therapist for clinical trials involving the Indego exoskeleton and early-stage robotic technologies for rehabilitation.  

I love patient care and research, but I view myself first as a teacher – a teacher of my patients and their families, a teacher of graduate students and residents in the clinic and classroom, a teacher of the engineers with whom I collaborate, and a teacher of the legislators to whom I advocate for our profession.  My passion for teaching is why I founded Rehab Knowledge Advantage in 2016.  I’m in the trenches with you and understand that a physical therapist’s days are spent treating back-to-back-to-back patients while completing seemingly endless documentation.  It’s tough to find time to eat lunch, let alone review the latest literature or attend high-quality continuing education courses.  There is very little that is as frustrating as finally investing your time and money to attend a class, only to find that the instructor is out of touch with day-to-day physical therapy practice.

Rehab Knowledge Advantage aims to bring expert clinicians into an online classroom environment to provide access to cutting edge, evidence-based education that applies directly to your practice.  From the comfort of your home and on your own schedule, you can elevate your knowledge base to meet your career goals and optimize the quality of life of your patients.

About the NCS Advantage

When I completed the Vanderbilt and Belmont University neurologic residency program and began studying for the NCS exam, I was surprised by the lack of direction available.  This led me to develop a study program that allowed my study partner and me to earn distinction as Neurologic Clinical Specialists in 2014.  I passed my study plan on to several colleagues across the country who improved the material based on their experiences – and it has evolved into the NCS Advantage.

Now in its third year, the NCS Advantage has helped over 250 people – 94% of whom passed the NCS exam.  Every aspect of the course is thoughtfully designed with the goal of helping you pass the NCS exam.  The content is structured in an easy-to-navigate, organized way that allows you to spend more time actually studying and less time figuring out what to study.  I’m so proud of this course and hope you will consider it in your exam preparation process.

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