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OVER 98% PASS RATE FOR THE NCS, OCS, AND PCS EXAMS forums NCS Advantage Wheelchair modification question

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      Jean Martinez

      I just want to clarify wheelchair modification question 37 on test 3 for a patient with fixed posterior pelvic tilt. Are you advocating for increased in wheelchair seat depth of 2 inches to decrease forward sliding of patient? I think there’s a question as well later in the test (didn’t remember the number) asking for type of deformity that also has increased in seat depth for fixed PPT deformity. I know to open the wheechair seat angle but the seat depth wasn’t really addressed clearly. Thanks.

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      Hi Jean,

      Seat depth should not need to be adjusted to accommodate the fixed posterior pelvic tilt. The other exam questions related to seat depth are reinforcing the idea that too deep of a seat can cause posterior pelvic tilt.

      Here is a link that provides a little more information about PPT in seating: https://hub.permobil.com/blog/posterior-pelvic-tilt-the-correction-of-sacral-sitting

      Hope this helps!


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