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      Alex Turcios


      A question regarding which feature in terminal swing is amendable for AFO/FES, the answer is all of the above. Included is the choice is reduced knee extension. Why is this?

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      Hi Alex,
      FES can stimulate the quadriceps during terminal swing to facilitate more normal knee extension in individuals who demonstrate excessive knee flexion in terminal swing.

      For AFOs: If the person has increased knee flexion during mid-terminal swing due to a steppage gait pattern stemming from foot drop, an AFO can allow reduced knee flexion during the later parts of swing phase to set the individual up for a more natural initial contact.

      This is also a test-taking strategy question. If you know two answers are correct and you can choose an “all of the above” answer, then the third must also be correct.


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      Alex Turcios

      Wow, I musthave over read that the FES can be used for the quads. Thank you!

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      I had the same question Alex! Thanks for asking.

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