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      Katie Sutton

      Good Afternoon–I have a general question regarding the practice exams and how they might correlate to readiness for the actual PCS exam. For example, for participants who have scored well on the practice exams in the past, did they also pass the PCS exam?

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      Annie Golovcsenko

      Or is there a score that we should be striving towards?

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        The average scores on our practice exams are listed below. Over 98% of our participants report passing their ABPTS exam. So, if you are scoring somewhere near the range of our average scores, you are likely on track for your exam.

        Subsequent attempts means repeated attempts on the same exam. The average scores are consistent across all our practice exams.

        PCS Advantage
        First attempt: 70-80%
        Subsequent attempts: 85-88%

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      Katie Sutton

      Thank you!

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      Helen Carey

      We designed our exams to have similar distributions of topics as the PCS exam, such as examination, intervention, etc. We did this so the exam was somewhat similarly weighted as the PCS exam. Good luck!

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      Sharon Manuel

      What is the difference in length of examination between the practice exams and the actual exam? My testing confirmation states I have 420 minutes for the exam, which would indicate a much longer test. Just wondering how to ready myself for the potential question fatigue that could come with that. Thanks!

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        The PCS exam consists of four 50-question blocks.

        This is from the ABPTS website:
        There are 200 questions on the exam. The 7-hour testing session consists of an online tutorial (up to 5 minutes), four 1 ½ -hour test periods, optional breaks after each section (up to 10 minutes after section 1, up to 30 minutes after section 2, and up to10 minutes after section 3), and a post-test survey if time is available within testing sessions.

        You can review this site for more exam day specifics:

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      Sharon Manuel

      Thank you! I thought I had seen something more on specifics at one point. I appreciate the link!

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      Sharon Galitzer

      If one finishes the 50 questions earlier than 1.5 hours, is there a set start time for the next set of questions, or can we break and continue as we need?

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        You can have up to a 10-minute break after sections 1 and 3. A longer 30-minute break is allowed after section 2.

Viewing 6 reply threads
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