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      Kasey Orita

      38. The Geriatric Depression Scale (shortform), 4 square step test, and FGA are administered on evaluation. Which of the following scores indicates fall risk in all test scores?

      a. GDS 15, 4 square step test 15.1s,FGA 24

      b. GDS 2, 4 square step test 13s, FGA 21

      c. GDS 15, 4 square step test 9s, FGA 29

      d. GDS 3, 4 square step test 25s, FGA14

      GDS short form >5 indicates depression,4SST >15s indicates multiple fall risk, FGA>22/30 indicates fall risk

      The answer was A on the test but I thought FGA <22/30 indicates fall risk and not >22 so I don’t think there is a correct selectable answer. Please let me know if this is accurate and if this helps. Thank you!

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      You’re absolutely right! I edited the question to indicate that FGA scores <23/30 suggest an increased risk of falling and changed the FGA score in option A to be within falls risk range.

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention and best of luck on your exam! Let me know if you need anything else.

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