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      Karen C

      How in-depth are the pharmacology questions? How specific will it be on the NCS? Will we need to know exactly how the meds work? Or just what they treat?

      Also, I am confused about seizures and the types of generalized seizures. Can you go into more detail about the differences between Simple, complex, absence, and tonic-clonic seizures? Complex and Absence seizures seem very similar.

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      I doubt they are too in depth. A general understanding of what the big medications treat should be sufficient. For example, I would try to have a decent grasp of dopamine replacement therapy for Parkinson’s disease and what it helps/doesn’t help. Spasticity is another topic that where PT interacts closely with pharmacology.

      Compared to complex seizures, absence seizures have an abrupt ending and no post-ictal phase.

      Here are a couple links with short explanations of different types of seizures:

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