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OVER 96% PASS RATE FOR THE NCS, OCS, AND PCS EXAMS forums PCS Advantage PCS Exam 2 Question – Hip Surveillance

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    Jonathan Baik

    The explanation for Question #9 on Exam 2 states:
    “Per the hip surveillance guidelines for children with cerebral palsy established by the AACPDM, a child in GMFCS level IV should have hip x-rays and a clinical examination completed every 6 months for 24 months and then every 12 months until the child reaches skeletal maturity.”

    When does the “24 months” begin? Does this mean every 6 months until age 2 and then once a year thereafter?

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    Jessica Lewis

    Hi Jonathan!

    Ideally, if the child was diagnosed early on with CP, he would have started hip surveillance every 6 months until the age of 2 years and then once a year after that. Since he is older and has not yet received hip x-rays, it is recommended that he now get x-rays completed every 6 months for 24 months to get a baseline and then once a year after that. So, in this case, the 24 month period starts now at the age of 4 years and then after 24 months (at the age of 6 years) he will start getting x-rays one time per month.

    Here is a link to a nice visual depiction of this schedule: https://www.aacpdm.org/UserFiles/file/hip-surveillance-care-pathway.pdf

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    Jonathan Baik

    Thank you!

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