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      Kara Schneider

      Hey everyone,

      Hope your studies are all going well. Does anyone have any good tips they’ve found helpful with the outcome measures master list? Since there are so many, has anyone tried grouping them or categorizing to aide in memorizing all of the cut-off scores?


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      Hi Kara! Thanks for this question! I hope others will have some more advice for you, but I can offer what worked for my learning style.

      I find it helpful to group the outcome measures by diagnosis. I think it’s helpful to use the EDGE Task Force documents and Core Outcome Measures CPG as a starting point. As you review the EDGE and CPG documents, refer to the master list to learn the important points for each outcome measure. This will hopefully allow to you get a feel for the relative importance of each measure (based on how highly rated they are) as you are studying.


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      Jackie Gomes

      That’s exactly what I have found helpful to do. Group by diagnosis and start with the EDGE and CPG. Also I have found it useful to print out and group together the actual forms of some of the outcome measures, so as to get a visual of the items being tested and cut off scores


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      Kara Schneider

      Sounds great, thanks so much!

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