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      This is a good place to share any strategies that may be helpful in preparing for the NCS exam, as well as test-taking strategies for the exam itself. I’ve outlined some pointers in the 5 Keys to Passing the NCS Exam resource that can be found here: http://rehabknowledge.com/request-resource/.

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      Suzanne Adkins

      When I clicked on the link it led me to the Rehab Knowledge sign up page – is there another way to access the ‘5 Keys to Passing the NCS Exam’ resource that you mentioned?
      Thanks so much!

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      Hi Suzanne! When you enter your e-mail address on that page, you’ll get two e-mails. The first e-mail will confirm that you actually requested the 5 Keys to Passing the NCS Exam – once that is confirmed, you’ll get a second e-mail containing the resource. We don’t have a newsletter or anything, so we won’t spam your inbox. This is just the best way to distribute the resource. Hope it helps! Let us know if you have any other questions!

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      Meredith Greene

      Good Morning,
      Is there any way you can block the spam comments on your forums?
      I am preparing to take the exam (hopefully) March 2018. I have not had my application approved yet. I seem to be bogged down in the neuro-anatomy study. Re-learning all the tracts is taking so long and has me rethinking if I should even try to take the exam.
      What are your thoughts on how to prioritize the modules? I know the general function of all the tracts but have not really committed to memory the specific axonal connections and their locations.
      Thank you for any help you can give!!
      **Also, SC approved this class as a CEU provider! 3.2 credits I can send you the confirmation email if you would like.
      Meredith Greene

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      Hi Meredith! Unfortunately, we haven’t found a good way to block all the spam posts while preserving access to everyone. I manually remove the spam posts a couple time a week to keep the forums as clean as possible. Hopefully we will find a solution soon!

      My advice regarding prioritization of the modules and organizing your study process is to review the neuro-anatomy module first without investing too much time – just to have some of the divisions of the nervous system fresh in your mind. Then, it helped me to delve into specific diagnoses, including the affected pathways, as well as physical therapy evaluations and treatment ideas. I found it was easier to attend to specific diagnoses that I could “see” in my patients. When I was studying for the NCS exam, I thought about specific patients I was working with or had treated in the past and tried to map out which pathways, etc. were affected. This forced me to learn neuro-anatomy in a way that didn’t feel as overwhelming as trying to learn all the pathways at once. Also, the NCS exam has more clinical-based questions, so you will be asked to apply knowledge about neuro-anatomy more often than to name specific axonal connections. Does that make sense?

      Also, it would be awesome if you could forward the CEU confirmation email to ncsadvantage@rehabknowledge.com. Thanks so much!

Viewing 4 reply threads
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