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      Liping Li

      May I know what is the myotome for UE?

      In the lecture on ortho-neuro overlap, C8 is finger extension. However, in the lecture on SCI, C8 is finger flexors on ASIA.

      Furthermore, when I searched online, some websites also stated C5 is shoulder abduction and C6 is elbow flexion. But in the above two lectures, C5 is elbow flexion.

      Can you please clarify what would be the correct myotome for UE? Thank you very much!

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      Multiple nerve roots are responsible for many movements. You can view the table on this site to see the complexities: https://www.physio-pedia.com/Spinal_Cord_Muscle_Innervation

      The ASIA exam and generally accepted myotome testing for UE screens have some minor differences, but they are both correct.

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