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    Kasey Murphy

    Do you have a reference for lab values: WBC, RBC, Hemoglobin, platelets? I want to make sure i am studying the correct reference.

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    Jessica Lewis

    If you are looking for the reference for the exercise recommendations for children with leukemia, that information can be found in the Effgen text.

    Other references used for questions with lab values are:

    Academy of Acute Care Physical Therapy, Laboratory Values Interpretation (2017); and

    Adel K, Raizman J, Chen Y, et al: Complex biological profile of hematologic markers across pediatric, adult, and geriatric ages: establishment of robust pediatric and adult reference intervals on the basis of the Canadian Health Measures Survey. Clin Chem 2015;61:8.

    Let us know if you have any questions about these!!

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    Kasey Murphy

    Could you post these in a table? I have found the other study guides quite helpful. I actually do not have the Effgen text (have been using the other recommended texts). I cannot access the second reference.

    Thank you!

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    Kasey Murphy

    I have this table from Cambell’s if similar?

    TABLE16.4 Normal Ranges for Key Blood Parameters
    From Garritan S, Jones P, Kornberg T, et al: Laboratory values in the intensive care unit, Acute Care Perspect 3:7-11, 1995.

    Types of Cells Purpose Symptoms Normal Ranges
    White blood cells (leukocytes) Fight infection Leukopenia infections 4–11 k/ul
    Neutrophil (absolute neutrophil count [ANC]) Fight infection Leukopenia infections 1500–8000 cells/ml
    Red blood cells (erythrocytes) 3.8–6 million cells/ul
    Hemoglobin 150,000–400,000 cells/mm3

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    Jessica Lewis

    Which values were you wanting to be posted in a table?

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