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      Alex Turcios


      I am having a difficulty time understanding the ICF and what things go with what. Even when I google and read the definitions, I still struggle. For example, walking endurance falls under activity according to a question I got wrong in the gait quiz. Why does it fall under activity and not participation? or body function?

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      Body functions are defined as the physiological functions of body systems. Body structures are the anatomical parts of the body such as organs, limbs and their components. Problems with body functions and structures are impairments such as muscle weakness or sensory loss.

      Activities are when individuals execute tasks. Difficulty executing a task is a limitation. For example, performing a sit-to-stand transfer or walking are activities.

      Participation is defined as how an individual experiences life situations, such as fulfilling roles in their family, completing recreational activities, and working.

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      Alex Turcios

      Thank you

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