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      Karen C

      Hi! When can we schedule our exam date? I know I read on the website about early January, but for some reason, I had written down that we could begin scheduling our test date on December 11th (based on another email I received, but cannot find at the moment).
      Please clarify. I really don’t want to miss the scheduling date!

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      Hi Karen,
      Exam scheduling information will be issued on January 16. An email will be sent with information on how to schedule the date and location to sit for your exam. (https://specialization.apta.org/)


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        Karen C

        I saw the same information on the website, but I went and looked based on what I had heard from a friend and from what Emilia had said on this forum.
        I was able to book my exam and many of the testing dates are GONE already!
        I am so happy I went on but upset about the misinformation from the APTA.

        I hope people don’t get closed out due to this…

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      Emilia Condery

      Hey I don’t know if this is helpful but I was able to schedule my exam today (Dec. 11, 2023). I did not get an email but I went through the APTA application site. It will take you to the PSI testing website where you can schedule!

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        Karen C

        Thanks for letting me know! I thought I heard something about December 11th, but then I couldn’t find where I had heard it! At least I know I am not crazy now!! LOL!!!

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      Candice McCoy

      I reached out to the general questions email through ABPTS. You can
      technically go to PSI from the log in portal and schedule now. However, from the response email I got they said to wait until you have the official email from them (should be coming out later this week 12/11/2023) so that everything links correctly. Hope that helps!

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        Thanks, Emilia and Candice, for this updated information! I love when others who are actively preparing for the NCS exam jump in here because you have the most current info! 🙂

Viewing 3 reply threads
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