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      Erin Schultz

      Good afternoon,

      I am not sure if it was in this course specifically, but during the course of my study, I remember reading a specific dual task % cut off at which you should switch to focusing on compensation and not improving dual tasking ability in someone with Parkinson’s Disease. Do you happen to know any articles or resources that provide this information?

      Thank you,
      Erin Schultz, PT

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      Hi Erin,
      I am not aware of any specific cut-offs for dual task training – but I would be interested if you can find the article! I did a quick literature search and couldn’t find anything other than the general recommendations to train dual tasking in the early stages of the disease (H&Y III and earlier) and implement more compensations later on.

      Here is one article that discusses dual tasking in PD: https://www.bu.edu/neurorehab/files/2017/10/Effectiveness-of-Dual-Tasking.pdf

      Again, please let me know if you find the article you’re thinking of!


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