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      claudia guzman


      I am having a difficult time interpreting the direction of torsion. For example on video one I can see up beating. However, the patients left eye seems to upbeat toward the left?

      On Video 3, it is easier for me to see that the eye is appearing to rotate clockwise (counter clockwise from patient stance) and thus being left upbeating and left torsion.

      Is the torsion just the pure circular movement itself?

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      Hi Claudia,
      Any videos that appear on the NCS exam will likely be pretty straightforward.

      Torsion is circular/rotational movement. Video 1 shows upbeating nystagmus with a torsional component. The fast phase of the is counter-clockwise, or to the patient’s right. Picking one point on the eye helps with analyze nystagmus characteristics.


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