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      Kay Cherian

      This question was on exam 1 #88.

      A quick summary- your father calls you on the phone complaining of right shoulder pain. You suspect he is dealing with subacromial impingement syndrome. What is best strengthening exercise?

      Your answer is standing full can. Can you please provide more information on why this is the correct choice vs sidelying ER.
      Do you have a reference on this topic?

      Thank you for your response and for preparing all the questions for us!


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      marcus williams


      Thanks for the question. This particular question comes from EMG research conducted by Mike Reinold, Kevin Wilk and colleagues. In there studies, They demonstrated that full can scaption and sidelying ER at 0 abduction are the best option to for rotator cuff activation and decreased deltoid activity. In our question that incorrect answer should have been standing ER with towel under arm, not sidelying with towel under arm (as this exercise wasn’t tested). Sorry for that error, and making this question overly complicated. We’ll email you over the articles referenced above.


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