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      Jennifer Frick

      Good morning!
      Can you please explain why practice exam #3 is classified as AIS D and not AIS C? How do you determine the motor grades for level T11-L1 and S2-S5 when trying to determine whether the majority of key muscle groups are above or below a grade 3? Thank you!

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      Chrissy Durrough

      Hi Jennifer,
      Thanks for this question! For determining motor function for AIS grades, we ignore levels where there is no muscle test – so the only levels that count toward that “half of key muscle functions” are C5-T1 and L2-S1.

      For Practice ASIA 3, the neurologic level of injury is T10 and sensory and motor function are preserved in S4-5. Therefore, we look at the motor function in L2-S1 to determine the AIS grade. 7/10 of these levels (4/5 on the right and 3/5 on the left) are graded 3 or better. Because at least half of key muscle functions below the NLI have a muscle grade of >=3/5, this person’s injury is graded as AIS D.


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      Amber Lammers

      Thanks for the explanation, Chrissy! I also have a question on the ASIA practice Exam #3. The motor levels are listed as T10(right) and T12(left)? Why are the motor levels not L4(Right) and L3(Left)? I understand that the Neurologic Level of Injury is T10, because it is the lowest level where sensory and motor are both in-tact. However, it looks like this individual has some pretty good motor sparing in the lumbar region.

      Thanks so much for these ASIA practice exams – they are very helpful!

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      Amber Lammers

      I have the similar question on ASIA practice exam #4. It looks like this person suffers with Brown-Sequard Syndrome. The R Motor level is listed as T1, when L2-S1 are all rated as 5. To me, it seems that the motor level of injury should be S1 on the right. Can you help me understand what I’m missing? Thanks so much for your time.

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      Lauren Nidiffer

      If sensory is impaired from T2-L1, you have to assume that the motor level matches the sensory level. Even if you have 5s from L2 or beyond.

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      Amber Lammers

      Thank you Lauren!

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