Here are 5 questions we get asked frequently:

  1. Is there really a money-back guarantee?

 YES! Money-back guarantee requirements:
– Course registered to the individual taking the OCS exam
– Individual registered for and completes OCS exam in 2024
– Enroll in the OCS Advantage between 3/31/2023 and 1/20/2024
– Score at least 75% on all OCS Advantage practice exams by 2/23/2024
– Provide official statement from ABPTS regarding failure to pass exam
– Maximum refund (OCS Advantage purchase price)

2. How much time did you personally spend studying for the test?

I started around Thanksgiving prior to my test date, which was in February. I spent an average of 4-5 hours per week with dedicated study. The month before the examination, I spent anywhere from 6-10 hours per week studying and met with my study group every Sunday.

3. What area did you wish you had studied more or feel like you were underprepared?

I felt I was slightly underprepared for some hand and wrist higher level questions, and I wish I would have studied more on the gait cycle and how various body impairments lead to differing gait patterns. Also, I wish I had spent more time dissecting case studies to help filter out the noise and really get to the pertinent question at hand, as the actual test definitely created some mental fatigue.

4. How has the OCS certification changed your practice as a PT?

I feel like I can better mentor my students and help them prepare for their pending licensure examinations. I try to educate patients about their conditions in more detail and this helps keep the information fresh. I also feel like I am much better at looking for the more obscure diagnoses and communicating this to physicians with improved efficiency.

5. Would you recommend taking the test first thing in the morning or in the afternoon?

I personally took the test starting at noon. Looking back, I wish I had taken it in the morning session. However, depending on how far you must drive to the testing center, or the weather, the afternoon session may make more sense. If you took most of the practice exams in the afternoon, this may also better represent the testing environment. I felt I was more fatigued in the afternoon and, at the end of the test, I had a hard time concentrating on the final 50 questions. It took me about 4.5 hours to finish the exam and I took one 15-minute formal break in the middle. This is definitely a personal choice, but, if I had to make one recommendation, I would try for the morning session.

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