“The NCS Advantage has been terrific and I cannot imagine preparing for the NCS exam without it. It provides both organization and unmatched resources to a process that can otherwise be overwhelming. The resources and information are easy to navigate and any questions and concerns are answered in a timely and effective manner.|

It is more than simply exam preparation, however. In addition to providing an appropriate and thorough review of the neuroanatomy and neuroscience as it relates to neurologic dysfunction, it also provides practical and evidence-based clinical information, with a patient focus that allows the information to be easily applied in a clinical context.

I would confidently recommend this prep course to anyone studying for the exam. Additionally, I would also encourage any clinician practicing in the neurological setting to consider participating, simply as a refresher and resource for maintaining a high standard of practice.

I am so incredibly thankful for Rehab Knowledge Advantage and I look forward to benefiting from additional educational resources as they expand!”

Suzanne Adkins
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2017

“I honestly stumbled upon the NCS Advantage in an internet search. I was looking for a neurology book to help me study for the NCS exam and your link was one that appeared. I read through the information and this was EXACTLY what I needed!”

Sheryl King
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2017

“I came across Dr. Durrough’s materials and after reading through the information, I knew it “felt right” to purchase the study materials and exams, when I did not experience the same emotions compared to other materials. Dr. Durrough’s content became the base of study materials.

No matter the outcome of the exam results, I know that what I have learned throughout the journey made me a better clinician, educator to patients, families and colleagues and a better human being.

What a bonus to have access to the discussion forum, prn, print out all the study materials and to be able to communicate with Dr. Durrough, at times. I must say, I never knew anyone as informative and as responsive as Dr. Durrough.

I know Dr. Durrough put many hours of blood, sweat and tears into this presentation to better serve us in our preparation for the exam and in the clinic.

I have recommended the program to all my colleagues, even if they do not plan to sit for the exam just to have a better understanding as to the “how” we facilitate neuroplasticity.

I am forever grateful to have made the best investment I ever made and what an honor to be a colleague of this bright, intelligent and compassionate young woman.”

Anthony Milos
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2019

“Well done! Excellent material and presentation. I’m really grateful to have been able to use Rehab Knowledge Advantage during my exam preparation.”

“This course was amazing! It organized the material covered in the NCS board exam perfectly, which after 20 years of practice, I needed! It also included a review of the latest research and evidence-based practices which helped immensely for diagnoses I had not worked with in a while. The writer of this course was available to answer questions I had in a very timely manner. The practice tests were extremely helpful to gauge my progress. This was my main study guide for the NCS and I’m happy to say, I passed the 2020 exam!”

Kathleen Trapani
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2020

“This was the best course I have ever taken in my 35+ years of practice. I continue to use it daily in my practice for reference. I wish I could keep the information in my computer forever. I have reviewed it so many times, when I need to look up something, I know exactly where to find it. Thank you for this valuable tool that has reminded me why I love the practice of Neurology and why it never gets old or boring to me. It definitely has lit a fire in my brain that is keeping my critical thinking skills sharp and knowing I will never retire from learning more.”

Ruth Lopez
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021

“There is no question that the NCS Advantage streamlines what the NCS exam will ask. So glad I took this course. Thank you! Excellent course and presented in a manner in which I understood.”

Leann Barnett
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021

“I really liked the extra tutorial on nystagmus/vestibular videos of eyes and the extra practice with the ISNCSCI examples. I was actually disappointed that I didn’t have any questions like those on my NCS exam.  The test questions were very similar to the NCS exam. I’m so thankful!”

Dana Kahl
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021

I am 100% positive that without the NCS Advantage I would not have been able to organize the material effectively to broadly cover the areas I needed to study. The structure and content of the presentation, along with the assessment options (quizzes and tests) were key to helping to identify the subject areas that were not an area of strength for me. As the test date grew closer, this helped me to organize my time effectively and feel like I had covered nearly all bases!”

Susie Atcavage
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021

I used all methods of instruction during this course and found the slides and audio to be very beneficial. The summaries of the main points of each article in the presentations was crucial for synthesis of the content, as well as efficiency and time management. I found the reference guides to be very beneficial, especially the outcome measures master list. The practice test questions gave a good mix of straight forward and case based questions, which was very similar to the NCS exam.”

Kyle Crager
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021

“The NCS Advantage was very well structured. It felt like it was structured to help me pass the NCS exam rather than just a collection of CEUs. The course notes were very helpful so I could review content without having to listen to the presentations multiple times.  The practice exams were immensely helpful!”

Daniel Stam
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021

“The reference sheets were easy ways to bring study material with me during the day (i.e., to work, on public transportation, etc.).”

Abigail McKeown
Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2021


“I passed my NCS with flying colors and am so grateful because I feel like you prepared me so perfectly. All I did was go off of what you said to do and it worked perfectly!”

Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2022


“My NCS results were overwhelmingly positive and I largely have you/this course to thank. Other resources had proved to be totally overwhelming and inefficient to me, and pivoting to your course when I found it was the #1 thing I could do to help me review a large amount of content and stay organized overall. I really appreciate the clear amount of effort you put into it!!”

Board Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist, 2023


“The NCS prep course is worth every penny. When I signed up to take the neuro clinical specialist exam, I was not sure where to start. I signed up for the prep course and was impressed from the start. The materials, the outline, the presentation is all excellent. For me, personally, I could not have studied and taken the NCS exam without the assistance of this prep course. I am currently waiting to find out if I pass the exam. If I do pass, I have the NCS prep course through Rehab Knowledge to thank.”

Prospective Board Certified Neurologic Specialist, 2024