Physical Therapy APTA NCS Exam Prep Course

The NCS Advantage is the content I wish I had while studying for the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties’ Neurologic Clinical Specialist examination and MOSC recertification exam. I compiled the material that was most beneficial in my study process in this NCS prep course, so you don’t have to spend your valuable time searching for resources. You can view the 17 lectures, study the handouts, and take the 500+ practice exam questions – all at your own pace. It’s all in one place and in an organized format to make your study approach more efficient so you feel confident on test day. The NCS Advantage entails:

  • 17 modules with detailed audiovisual presentations pertaining to neurologic physical therapy practice
  • Supplementary journal articles and reference guides
  • Three 100-question practice exams with detailed explanations of correct answers
  • Case-based exam series with an additional 146 questions
  • Bonus 100-question exam for participants enrolled in the full course
  • Interactive tutorial on interpreting nystagmus and diagnosing BPPV with 18 examples of videonystagmography to quiz yourself
  • 23 videos to review study strategies and quick tips to help you prepare for the NCS exam
  • Access to the Rehab Knowledge Advantage discussion forum and private Facebook group
  • MOSC Recertification Companion Guide with searchable files to help you quickly find answers during the recertification exam
  • 32 contact hours (contact us and we will help facilitate CEU approval in your state)
  • Money-back guarantee that you’ll pass the NCS exam – provided you demonstrate commitment of your time and energy in the study process

Which NCS Advantage package is right for you?

Full Course
Practice Exams Only
MOSC Recertification Companion Guide*
16 hours of audiovisual lectures with supplementary journal articles
Three 100-question practice exams
Case-based exam series
Bonus 100-question practice exam
Access to the Rehab Knowledge Advantage Discussion Forums and private Facebook group
Reference guides and quizzes to review specific topics
Videos reviewing study strategies for the NCS exam
MOSC Companion Guide with searchable files for testing
Money-back guarantee

*The MOSC NCS recertification exam is a non-proctored, open book exam. This package is specifically tailored to preparing for this type of exam and is not suited for the initial NCS exam. The MOSC recertification companion guide contains large searchable files to help identify pertinent information quickly during a time-limited open book exam.

Course Outline

  1. Neuro-Anatomy and Neuroscience
  2. Neuroplasticity and Motor Learning
  3. Stroke
  4. Traumatic Brain Injury
  5. Spinal Cord Injury
  6. Cerebellar Dysfunction
  7. Vestibular Rehabilitation
  8. Multiple Sclerosis
  9. Parkinson’s Disease
  10. Other Movement Disorders
  11. Motor Neuron Diseases
  12. Gait and Movement Analysis
  13. Orthopedic-Neurologic Overlap
  14. Special Topics (seating and mobility, cancer, pediatrics, geriatrics, acute care, wound care)
  15. Pharmacology
  16. Teaching, Management, and Marketing
  17. Research and Statistics

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If you have any questions about the NCS Advantage or if I can clarify anything, don’t hesitate to reach out via email at That’s not a corporate email address or anything – it comes straight to my phone and I’ll respond as soon as possible.

† Money-back guarantee requirements:   
– Course registered to the individual taking the NCS exam
– Individual registered for and completes NCS exam in 2025
– Enroll in the full NCS Advantage course between 3/31/2024 and 1/15/2025 (ineligible if only enrolled in practice exams)
– Score at least 75% on all NCS Advantage practice exams by 2/23/2025 (four 100-question exams and complete case-based exam)
– Provide official statement from ABPTS regarding failure to pass exam
– Maximum refund of $400 (NCS Advantage purchase price)

The NCS Advantage is intended for use by the purchaser only. Sharing content is prohibited without permission from  site administrators. [Copyright 2024]
$150.00 – $400.00
  • Upgrade to the full course after purchasing the practice exams for $300
  • You will retain access to the NCS Advantage until March 31 of the year you take the NCS exam
  • MOSC participants will have access until the end of the MOSC cycle
  • The NCS Advantage is non-refundable