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    Kasey Murphy

    Can you explain the different theories or direct toward a reference for this question so that I can gain a better understanding.

    7. Individual and family functioning is an interactional dynamic process in which of the following?
    a. Transactional Model of Development
    b. Ecological Model of Human Development
    c. Dynamic Family Theory
    d. Family Systems Theory
    Family Systems Theory views individual and family functioning as an interactional dynamic process; this is important in physical therapy practice as interventions for the family are believed to indirectly influence the child’s development and function. The Transactional Model of Development emphasizes the reciprocal relationship between the child and caregiving environment and stresses the importance of an appropriate match between the child and the environment to foster development. The Ecological Model of Human Development describes the role that larger social systems have on family functioning.

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    Jessica Lewis

    For this question, our main resource was the Effgen text (Meeting the Physical Therapy Needs of Children). The book gives a nice overview of family-centered care/intervention and the different frameworks. There is also an article that describes family systems theory: Foster MA, Phillips W. Family systems theory as a framework for problem solving in pediatric physical therapy. Pediatric Physical Therapy. 1992: 70-73. It is an older article but gives a nice description and some case examples. Let us know if these are helpful references for you and if you have any additional questions!

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    Helen Carey

    And I am pretty sure that I made up “Dynamic Family Theory” so don’t spend any time looking for that one!


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    Kasey Murphy

    Thank you.. part of the problem was that I was trying to find dynamic family theory

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