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      michaela main

      Trying to better understand why this is 3+ and not 2+

      Based on the stroke test, I had chosen 2+ but the correct answer was 3+ ?
      0 – no wave produced with the lateral downward stroke
      Trace – small wave with the lateral downward stroke
      1+ – large wave returns with lateral downward stroke
      2+ – effusion spontaneously returns to medial side after upstroke (without lateral downward stroke)
      3+ – so much fluid that it is impossible to move any of the effusion out of the medial aspect

      45. When documenting effusion rating in a patient with knee swelling, you notice that you can “milk” out the swelling but it immediately returns to baseline when you remove your hands from the patient. How would you document this effusion finding?
      a. 0
      b. 2+
      c. 1+
      d. 3+

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      marcus williams

      Hey Michaela,

      This is actually a key error on our end we’ll get in there an update that one. Thanks for letting us know. Sorry for in confusion this might of caused.


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