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    I wanted to give a suggestion of a brief review of PNF patterns, and some NDT techniques which could be helpful. I know they are not utilized in many settings, but couldn’t they be covered on the NCS? Do you have a resource that I could utilize? I don’t believe that I’ve used either one since before I graduated.

    Thank you

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    Chrissy Durrough

    Hi Roxanne,

    This is a great suggestion! Yes, PNF patterns and NDT techniques are definitely fair game on the NCS exam. I don’t have a reference guide prepared but found a few resources with a Google search. Here is a textbook chapter outlining PNF patterns: http://www.edlantis.com/shop/skin1/customer/courses/martin/ch9.pdf. Here is a website that contains some text and videos of NDT principles: https://media.lanecc.edu/users/howardc/PTA204L/204LNeuromuscReEd/204LNeuromuscReEd5.html. I haven’t perused either of these in much detail, but they may be a decent starting point.



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