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OVER 96% PASS RATE FOR THE NCS, OCS, AND PCS EXAMS forums PCS Advantage PEDI – possible age range discrepancy in question from Practice Exam 1

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      Jonathan Baik

      In general, I agree that the answer to the question below should be the PEDI mostly due to the others being less appropriate. However, what tripped me up was that the question asked for an outcome tool for both children and adolescents. The PEDI is good for children up to 7.5 years old, and thus would not be appropriate for adolescents. Was the answer choice supposed to be the PEDI-CAT?

      21. A physician approaches you seeking a recommendation for an outcome tool to assess functional mobility in children and adolescents with disabilities. Which would be the most appropriate response?

      a. Gross Motor Function Measure
      b. Pediatric Evaluation of Disability Inventory
      c. Physician Rating Scale
      d. Pediatric Outcomes Data Collection Instrument

      The PEDI has a specific mobility subscale and is norm referenced for children ages 6 months to 7 ½ years. It helps to identify the functional abilities in children with disabilities. The GMFM and PRS are outcome tools specifically used for children with cerebral palsy, not all children and adolescents with disabilities. The PODCI is a health related QOL measure for children with disabilities and not specific to balance outcomes.

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      Helen Carey

      Hi Jonathan,
      Thank you for catching our error. You are correct, the best answer would be the PEDI-CAT to include adolescents. If the test is only needed for children up to 7.5 years, then either the PEDI or PEDI-CAT would be appropriate.

      Thank you!

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