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      Lesley Baires

      Hello Chrissy, I’m just wondering if there’s an approximate score on the NCS practice exams that would indicate someone in “on track” or within a passing range to indicate they likely will pass the actual NCS exam? Or in other words, what’s considered a poor score, average score, and good score on the practice exams to know how it can possibly translate for the actual NCS exam?
      Thank you for your help!

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      Hi Lesley! Because we do not have access to the scoring algorithm for the ABPTS exams, we cannot reliably say how performance on our practice exams predicts performance on the NCS exam. The average scores on our practice exams are listed below. Approximately 96% of our participants report passing their ABPTS exam. So, if you are scoring somewhere near the range of our average scores, you are likely on track for your exam.

      NCS Advantage
      First attempt: 60-70%
      Subsequent attempts: 75-85%

      Hope this helps!


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        Hey Chrissy! I just want to clarify, by this you mean – the first and subsequent attempts of the same exam? Or just the exams in general (e.g. 60-70% on Exam 1, 75-85% on Exam 2, etc.)

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        Yes – subsequent attempts on the same exam (i.e., Exam 1 attempt 1 = 60-70%, Exam 1 attempt 2 = 75-85%). Practice exams 1-3 are designed to have a similar level of difficulty and the average scores differ by less than 2% overall.


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      Dean Papadopoulos

      Is it regularly seen to do worse on the 2nd practice test than the first?
      The first attempt I scored barely over 50% and 2nd test I got a lower score.
      Anyone else?

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        Hi Dean – Practice exams 1-3 are all designed to be a similar level of difficulty. The average score on each exam differs by less than 2% overall. However, there is some variance from individual to individual. As long as your scores on repeated attempts of the same exam are improving, you should be on the right track.

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      Jackie Gomes

      Hello Chrissy, thank you for the guidelines of the average scores on the practice exams. Really helps!!
      Thanks for the thousands of hours you put in for all that material!!!
      Jackie Gomes

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