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      Kristin Hallberg

      In the “focused low back pain quiz” the second question reads as follows,
      Based on your understanding of the recommendations of the 2021 Low Back Pain Clinical Practice Guideline, which of the following variables was most influential in your decision-making strategy?

      The correct answer is “Duration of symptoms.” However in the summarized lumbosacral reading one of the criterias for successful manipulation treatment is Recent onset of symptoms (<16 days). The patient presents with unchanged symptoms for 5 weeks. So is the correct answer just relative to the others or is it because the patient did not have any change of her “acute” symptoms since the onset 5 weeks ago and therefore fell into that category?

      Thankful for any help!

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      marcus williams

      Hey Kristin!

      Thanks for the question. So with the 2021 revision to the LBP CPG came strong supporting evidence for the utilization of both thrust and non-thrust mobilization for patients with chronic LBP (without leg pain). This came in addition to the ongoing strong evidence that supports the use of thrust and non-thrust mobilizations for patients with acute LBP. We intentionally worded the question this way to highlight this new strongly support recommendation. So to you’re question, specifically, this is the correct answer because this patient present with recurring chronic LBP (aka duration of symptoms) which was a new revelation that came from the 2021 revision. prior to that being published that wouldn’t have been the case.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Happy Studying!


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