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      Diana Gonzalez


      I have a question on one of the questions on exam 3. it states that a 17yo football player presents to an outpatient PT clinic 2 weeks post concussion. He reports daily headaches and dizziness. what activity do you recommend for the patient at this time?

      my question is: is this assuming that they are wanting to start RTP protocol? Im just confused because the answer choice is physical and cognitive rest but all of the handouts regarding concussion state that physical and cog rest is only recommended 24-48hrs post injury. I would’ve thought that the correct answer choice would’ve been light aerobic activity assuming that we are performing this at sub symptom threshold and managing symptoms accurately etc.

      Thanks in advance!

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      Hi Diana,
      Thanks for pointing this out! You are absolutely correct. The question was changed in the master key to be one day post-concussion instead of two weeks, but this update never made it onto the actual exam. The question and explanation have been updated on the site.

      The patient should continue engaging in physical and cognitive rest until he is two days post-concussion, then we can initiate light aerobic exercise.


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      Diana Gonzalez

      thank you for clarifying 🙂

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