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      Elizabeth Lewis


      I am looking for resources for additional test questions. I assume the ones for purchase through this site are the ones accessible through for our practice exams prep? Dose anyone have additional suggestions?


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      Hi Liz,
      Yes- if you are enrolled in the full NCS Advantage course, you have access to all our practice questions. The full course package contains an additional practice exam and quizzes that are not included in the “practice exams only” option.

      Aside from NCS Advantage content, MedBridge has practice exam questions on their platform and there is a book by Joseph Shepherd containing 115 questions that was published in 2016 that can be purchased from Amazon (https://www.amazon.com/Neurologic-Specialist-Examination-References-Explanations/dp/1513602039/ref=sr_1_3?crid=2BERRCDKP8F5Y&keywords=shepherd+ncs+prep&qid=1675719562&sprefix=shepherd+ncs+prep%2Caps%2C93&sr=8-3). I have not viewed either of these alternate resources to be able to speak to their content.

      Hope this helps!

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      Elizabeth Lewis

      Thank you.

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      Ashley Derisme


      are we allowed any paper/pencil during the exam that is provided by the site? I do a bit better writing out my thoughts as I’m thinking through questions, especially on standardized tests.

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      Valerie Wacker

      Hi, what is considered a “passing score” on your tests as compared to the actual exam. I understand the scoring on the actual exam is scaled, and I just want to have a general idea of where my current performance measures up. Thank you!

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        This is from our Frequently Asked Questions page (https://rehabknowledge.com/frequently-asked-questions/):

        Because we do not have access to the scoring algorithm for the ABPTS exams, we cannot reliably say how performance on our practice exams predicts performance on the NCS, OCS, and PCS exams. The average scores on our practice exams are listed below. Over 98% of our participants report passing their ABPTS exam. So, if you are scoring somewhere near the range of our average scores, you are likely on track for your exam.

        NCS Advantage
        First attempt: 60-70%
        Subsequent attempts: 75-85%

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      Sydney Dalton

      Where are the other practice questions through this course located?

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        Hi Sydney,
        All the practice exams for the NCS Advantage are linked on the course homepage. Once you are logged in to the website, click on “Dashboard” in the top right. Then, scroll down to the “Courses” section. You can select “Course Homepage” to see all the NCS Advantage content (including the practice exams) or “Practice Exams” for a more succinct page that only contains exams.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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