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Hi Katie,
In this case when a patient has no spasticity, contracture, or other weakness, the simplest option is likely best. A posterior leaf spring AFO is the lightest weight, will be easiest to don, and will fit in more shoes than a hinged AFO.

Here are a couple links discussing types of AFOs in more details:
– Comparing pre-fab AFOs: https://ejournal.poltekkesjakarta1.ac.id/index.php/OP/article/view/961
– Types of AFOs and indications with some photos: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8392067/
– ANPT resource: https://www.neuropt.org/docs/default-source/cpgs/afo-fes/afo-table-finalb0fb3ba5390366a68a96ff00001fc240.pdf?sfvrsn=76f85d43_2

Hope this helps!