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These are the answers I see:

Jacey is a 75yo female who is assessed in the home health setting following discharge home after a 4 week stay in skilled nursing. She experienced a massive hemorrhagic stroke 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months) ago. She was taken to the emergency room within 2 hours of onset of symptoms. Initial symptoms were facial droop and right sided weakness. Gait assessment reveals forward trunk flexion, circumduction on the right lower extremity, hyperextension of the right knee, and plantar flexion of the right foot with toe clawing. Her Ashworth Scale score for the lower right extremity is 2. During the interview, the patient answers in one-word responses to simple questions with some stuttering/slowing of speech, but her daughter primarily performs the interview.

What Brunnstrom stage is the client most likely in?

a. Stage 5
b. Stage 4
c. Stage 3
d. Stage 1

Stage 3 is the stage of increased spasticity when effected muscles tighten more and can be difficult to relax. Her Ashworth scale indicates she is not flaccid (Stage 1), but she is unable to complete complex movements (stage 5) given her gait circumduction.

I don’t see the “C4” like you are saying?