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Jonathan Zins

Hi Kadi, great question! You are absolutely right that stage 3 has increased spasticity and stage 4 indicates spasticity is beginning to decrease. This is a tricky “attention to detail” question, which the GCS can be known for. The choices for this question are (A) Stage 3, (B) Stage C4, (C) Stage 5, and (D) Stage 1. The only correct answer is (A) Stage 3 because the Brunnstrom scale does not have a “C4” stage. If the answer choice had simply said “stage 4” you would be correct that there is not enough information to differentiate. To get this correct, you have to eliminate option B because it is not consistent with the scoring of the scale.

This is a tough one, but the way you explained your rationale and demonstrated your foundational knowledge of the Brunnstrom scale tells me you will do great on test day. Best of luck and keep up the excellent work! 🙂