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Jessica Lewis

There are varying thoughts in different references about which roll comes first, prone to supine or supine to prone. It relies so much on tummy time tolerance and the baby. Our chart is based off of the information gathered from our references. I think the important thing to focus on when taking the test is when it would definitely be abnormal for a child not to be rolling. The test writers likely will know that there is a gray area around this and their goal is to ultimately write a good test questions. Ones that have too much gray will not perform well and they don’t want this to be the case. I think understanding that rolling in general should be completed independently in both directions by 6(ish) months is a good place to start. Understanding the general time frames of each is also helpful, but bigger picture is more important.

Same thing for reflexes integration. Some have huge spans of time when it could be integrated and different references say different things. Think bigger picture and know that the question writers for the tests want to write solid questions that are challenging but have a definitive answer. Things like reflexes and some of those early developmental milestones have wide ranges and they will make sure you have enough information to make an evidence-based choice that doesn’t fall into a gray area.