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Kyle Reedy

I have not taken the NCS so i cannot attest to the questions. However, what i do think is important for this test is that they always want to know application, more so correct application. So i do think it makes sense for them to ask the correct head rotation for tests to ensure you are doing a correct R vs L Gufani. Especially the starting positions.

In practice, i use a gufani instead of a BBQ roll. More so, the gufani can be reverse for a cupulithiasis vs a canalithiasis. An example is how you look at the bow and lean test to diagnose the effected ear for a HoSCC canal/cupulolithiasis.

So application:
If i were to be treat a L horizontal canal canalithiasis. I can treat with a L gufoni. This requires me to to the patient in contralateral sidelying (R), then rotate to the ground (contra rotation) (R), then rise to sitting.
also a tip, a goal for cupulo is to convert it to canal then treat it like a canal.

lastly. gufoni=appiani