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Maika Collins

It seems likely the test won’t go into treatments for horizontal cupulolithiasis because there isn’t clear evidence per the CPG and the names have been used interchangeably.

Roll Test:
Geotropic —> canalithiasis —> affected side is the one with stronger symptoms / nystagmus —> Treatment: BBQ Roll; 2017 BPPV CPG says “gufoni for geotropic / canalithiasis”

Ageotropic -> cupulolithiasis -> affected side is the one with weaker symptoms / nystagmus -> Treatment: 2017 BPPV CPG says “gufoni for ageotropic / cupulolithiasis”

What I was taught for horizontal cupulolithiasis… Casani; or Gufoni which converts it to canalithiasis which can then be treated with Appiani.

I think because it’s unclear the course group the maneuvers together as “modified libertory”. I could be wrong!