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Hi Erika,
I didn’t include much information about memory in the NCS Advantage because it wasn’t emphasized when I took the NCS exam and I haven’t received feedback from our participants that they felt unprepared for any questions about memory on the NCS exam. I try to keep the NCS Advantage as comprehensive yet streamlined as possible for NCS exam preparation purposes. After you take the NCS exam, please let me know if you feel this is an area that is lacking from the course and I will develop some new content!

I think being familiar with general terms related to memory and how it can impact learning and motor performance is important for exam prep and clinical practice. I like this article by Squire that contains a nice summary of the taxonomy of memory: Squire LR. Memory systems of the brain: a brief history and current perspective. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. 2004;82:171-177. http://whoville.ucsd.edu/PDFs/384_Squire_%20NeurobiolLearnMem2004.pdf

Hope this helps!