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Julie Schwertfeger

Hi Alyssa,
One more insight regarding age in the practice test Q 80 is that EDH in younger age and adolescent is more of an emergency than in older people (which is where my experience if focused). The dura is not tightly adhered to the calvarium in youth and adolescence, making all of your good points Alyssa, the most emergent hematoma case of the question choices. In effect, youth TBI that causes EDH have the rapid rise in ICP as you have stated. In older aged persons, the arterial bleed is often stopped or self-limited by the tightly adhered dura and the shrunken brain diameter further lessen the emergency hierarchy level rank of this type of hematoma across the four answer choices provided. It is a nice reflection on Kleim and Jones as well – “Age Matters!”. https://medlineplus.gov/ency/article/001412.htm