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yes it is helpful, another question; pratice ISNCSCI #4 and #5 all have key muscles as scoring 5/5 on the R sides. Practice #4 says the motor level on the R side is T1, Practice #5 says the motor level is T6. It looks like in #4 T1 was chosen as motor level because that is is the my caudal segement with a score of at least 3/5 with the levels above meeting the criteria of 5/5. in #5 the it seems like the motor level of T6 was chosen because the most caudal segement with strength being at least 3/5 is S1 BUT because there are no muscle grades for T2-L1 we cannot say that the levels above S1 meet the standard for being 5/5, therefore we have to use the most caudal sensory level that is intact, which is T6. If my logic is correct- then why does it appear the rules are different for practice #4 ?? Why wasnt the motor level assumed to be the most caudal segement with intact sensation, since S1 is technically the lowest segment with a grade of at least 3/5 for strength BUT again because of no grades for T2-L1, wouldn’t the motor level be assumed as the sensory level, just as in the case of #5???