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marcus williams

Hey Amanda! Below is some further explanation.

#11 – in isolation we wouldn’t expect pain to be a preliminary chief complaint. However, when dealing with an active individual it’s reasonable to assume the impact of repetitive activity will be some development of shoulder pain, likely non-specific posterior shoulder pain. In this questions, the neers test served as a distraction, the painful arc between 90-120 points to the weakness being a contributor to the symptoms verses it being purely a structural irritation according under the compressive forces at end-range.

#31 – if the supraspinatus was involved, due to entrapment at the supra scapular notch, we would expect to see more appreciable weakness in abduction up to 90 degrees, which would likely result in a MMT of less than a 4/5. Also, atrophy would likely be a little more pronounce across the entire posterior scapula and not infraspinatus.