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Jessica Lewis

For Assessment 6 the patient had a GMFM-66 score of 53.09 (CI 50.68-55.50) and for Assessment 7 the patient had a GMFM-66 score of 55.92 (CI 53.63-58.21). The confidence interval takes into account the possibility for test error and gives a range for what numbers we can be 95% confident in that the patient’s score falls between. Since the patient’s confidence intervals from Assessment 6 and 7 overlap (between the scores of 53.63-55.50) it is possible that the patient’s scores actually did not really change if we consider that there could have been test error that is causing the score to be higher or lower than it really should be. So, yes, the patient had a positive change score of 2.83 (measurable change), but since the confidence intervals overlap the scores did not exceed the threshold for test error. Does this help?