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Kasey Murphy

Thank you.. I have to read over it multiple times, I don’t know why these terms always seem to confuse me.

When you give the example of the TIMP – Specificity is higher –Likelihood that someone who does not have the condition will be negative on the diagnostic test; refers to the percentage of children without problems who are correctly identified as such; — so with the TIMP, when looking at Specificity, we are looking at the percentage of children without the the condition who are correctly negative on the test, and ruling out a condition — so we are ruling out GM delay with the TIMP Score —
But I am still confused by the explanation of TIMP: “indicating that it is a good measure for detecting large numbers of high risk infants who are not developing typically” — this seems like sensitivity – we are are identifying infants not developing typically (those who have GM Delay)?

Sorry, this topic as had me since PT school