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Hi Grace,
I would recommend at least being familiar with the highly recommended measures for each diagnosis and knowing the Core Outcome Measures very well. Knowing the NCS is a multiple choice exam, I think it is helpful to generally know what a measure assesses (identify most appropriate outcome measures for a certain case), the minimum and maximum scores (to interpret a given score), and any critical cut-off scores (like falls risk). The Outcome Measures Master List on the course homepage will hopefully provide most of this information.

I don’t have any novel strategies for learning the measures. When I was studying for the NCS exam, I took a block of time and reviewed the highly recommended outcome measures for each diagnosis. I remember doing this pretty close to my exam date because some of it was memorizing numbers and I didn’t want to give myself too much time to forget them.

Elise mentioned knowing all the outcome measures with ratings of 4. The EDGE Task Forces use a rating scale of 1-4 for each outcome measure:
4= highly recommended; the outcome measure has excellent psychometric properties and clinical utility
3= recommended; the outcome measure has good psychometric properties and good clinical utility
2= reasonable to use, but limited study in target group; the outcome measure has good or excellent psychometric properties and clinical utility in a related population, but insufficient study in target population to support higher recommendation.
1= do not recommend; the outcome measure has poor psychometric properties and/or poor clinical utility

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.