“The PCS Advantage was nicely organized and easy to follow. Prior to this course, my study path was winding and had little direction. This course set me on the right path and gave me confidence that I could pass this exam.  This course and the preparation for the PCS is eye opening. Evidence Based Practice is not as difficult as it first seemed and provides many areas of enhancing our clinic.”

“I think the PCS Advantage condensed the vast amount of information into a considerable and manageable amount for a final review before taking the PCS exam.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone preparing for the exam and feel the investment was well worth it!”

Katelin Ludwig, 2020

“I really appreciated the practice exams and all the study guides.  I feel very prepared for the PCS exam.

Ashley Fox, 2021

“The program was easy to follow and well organized.  Concise information without being overwhelming.”

“The PCS Advantage completely met my expectations. I felt like it provided a comprehensive review of peds in a manageable format. I appreciated that there were 3 practice tests including one case-based test.”

Rebecca Rudisill, 2021

“I felt the course had a balanced combination of case scenarios, differential diagnosis and therapy protocol questions. The case studies really helped me with critical thinking. I loved the study guides in reviewing cases I rarely see in practice. I was on a time crunch because of COVID and was able to review the study guides once and get a 65 on the mock test. Considering I was unable to study as thorough as I’d like, the fact I was able to answer most questions reflects how well this course was done. I am looking forward to continuing studying my study guides and using them to prepare me for the test. I highly recommend it anyone interested in testing for the PCS certification.”

Lizette Adame, 2021