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90% Pass Rate for the NCS Exam forums Suggestions for Rehab Knowledge Advantage (2) Suggestions for Rehab Knowledge Advantage

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    I’d just like to point out a few examples of types of questions/answers I thought need addressing:
    -#42 on exam 3, I thought it was very clear that the cranial nerve VII was on the pons and no on the Medulla like the answer says.
    -#36 on exam 3 I find way too often that an explanation to why each answer choice is incorrect was not done like Medbridge does (same for #95 on exam 3, I’d like for it to be explained why masthenia gravis is a better choice than Guillain-Barre, not because I don’t believe you, but clearly I don’t understand it enough for you to just explain by only explaining the correct answer). I wasn’t too pleased with these exams overall due to this reason mostly.

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    Hi Clint,

    Thank you for your feedback. We are constantly updating our course and exam materials and will certainly implement your suggestions for next year.

    Regarding your specific questions:
    E3Q42: The nucleus for facial motor function is on the pons. The nucleus for the sensory portion of CNVII (solitary nucleus) is located on the medulla. This question was designed to test knowledge and (perhaps more importantly) test-taking strategy. While CNVII is more associated with the pons, if we know the nuclei for CNIX and CNXII are in the medulla, choice D must be correct

    E3Q36: Myasthenia gravis is characterized by muscle weakness and fatigue that can fluctuate quite quickly (within a session). Guillain-Barre syndrome is often marked by overwork weakness that presents one-to-several days after the session.

    Thanks again,

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